Background / 


In 2014 Xfinity signed a 10-year sponsorship agreement with NASCAR for the Sprint Cup series sponsorship rights. This deals was one of the biggest in Sports Marketing history. It would raise the bar for Xfinity within the popular sport of NASCAR and would lead to widespread branding and targeting opportunities. 



Solution / 


We saw a direct correlation between the technology and speed of the sport and the technology and speed products we offer with Comcast Business

Our strategy was to approach the sponsorship on many different levels-
Provide WiFi and Ethernet to the Tracks in the series, look to service the race teams and broadcasters providing the bandwidth they need each weekend, and approach the small business customers who may be fans of NASCAR—and build awareness of our service. 

"This deals was one of the biggest in Sports Marketing history."

Within a limited time, we proved our ability within this new sponsorship—we worked quickly to identify key messaging and branding opportunities and built a strategic marketing campaign that would stand out on its own. 

Within the first year, we were able to secure our branding presence with our video content, driver sponsorship, Carl Edwards #19, and a section within the new Xfinity Fan Experience. On a tight budget and quick timeline, we develop NASCAR Video Content with a B4B mindset. 



Result /


Revenue from NASCAR for Comcast Business topped $2 Million the first year we went live 2015—and continues to grow.